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  • Friends of James Weldon Johnson College Prep

Where'd we spend it?

Hey there! Wondering what Friends of JWJ has been up to lately? Here's a peek into our exciting initiatives this school year:

 🔊 New Sound System Installation: We pumped up the volume with a brand new sound system, ensuring every voice is heard loud and clear! 💥 Total: $17,762

💸 Grants & Aid: Supporting our educators with the resources they need to inspire young minds! 📚 Total: $3,920

 🍎 Teacher Appreciation: Because our teachers deserve recognition and reward! 🏫 Total: $1,222

📋 Miscellaneous Things: Ensuring smooth operations and protection for all our endeavors and making sure we have supplies! 📎Total: $397

Want to be a part of what FOJWJ does? Get in touch with us today! Let's create positive change together.  #FriendsOfJWJ #CommunityImpact #GetInvolved #FOJWJ

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